Anet Tanon, Your Realtor in Puerto Rico

Are you thinking of moving to Puerto Rico but have many questions about the process and current housing market? Anet Tanon is a realtor in beautiful Puerto Rico who specializes in luxury homes and lifestyle. She is more than happy to answer all of your questions, so feel free to contact Anet Today.

Thanks to tax incentives like Act 20 and Act 22, which have attracted major American corporations and private investors to the island, Puerto Rico has one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean. The current real estate market is stable, and, because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, transactions and property rights are similar, ensuring that investments are safeguarded. Add to this the fact that Puerto Rico is densely populated and land is scarce, and property values appreciate accordingly, and you see why people are happily investing here.

But buying a luxury home or condo in Puerto Rico is a big financial commitment, and one that requires the right guidance. To get the best deal, you’ve got to work with an experienced Puerto Rico realtor who has a proven track record and understand the different communities.

Anet Tanon has been relocating her many Act 20/22 satisfied clients throughout the Puerto Rico luxury real estate market for over 20 years. Anet has one goal and that is to find the right property that will fit her client’s needs and budget. An expert in luxury properties, Anet is professional, honest, trustworthy, and a highly-skilled negotiator.

Having lived in Puerto Rico for many, many years, Anet has the inside scoop and can help her clients not only find the right house, but also the best school, doctor and even restaurants.

Anet’s listings include homes, condos, beachfront and luxury properties located in:

If you’re looking for a realty services in Puerto Rico and an agent who will make the entire transaction and relocation process as stress-free as possible, get in touch with Anet today.