Things to do in Puerto Rico

Looking for things to do in Puerto Rico? The local lifestyle options include beaches, golf courses, and much more, so read on to find out the thrills that await you.

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There’s no denying that Puerto Rico is paradise on earth. To stand on one of the many endless white-sand beaches is to stand in the middle of a postcard. The blue of the water is unlike any blue you’ve seen before. The ocean breeze is perfectly tropical, both warm and cooling at the same time. And the stunning diversity of the lush terrain makes it easy to understand why Puerto Rico has been called “The Island of Enchantment.”

But besides being beautiful, Puerto Rico offers residents and visitors alike much culture and many outdoor activities. Here are some things to do in Puerto Rico that I encourage you to do on your next visit:

Experience History

You can’t throw a stone in Puerto Rico without hitting some sort of historical artifact. The island’s dynamic past can be found on the cobbled streets of harbor cities, fortress walls, crumbling towers of the sugar refineries, and in the precolonial Taíno villages. If your time is limited, spend a day at least in Old San Juan visiting old ruins and stunning cathedrals.

Take a Rum-Tasting Tour
There’s wine-tasting, and then there’s rum-tasting, and both are great ways to spend an afternoon! Puerto Rico’s historical rum industry can be celebrated on a Casa Bacardi rum tour. They also offer a mixology tour, which is a great way to get some new cocktail ideas for your next party.

Play Some Golf
Puerto Rico boasts 21 world class golf courses that all have amazing views. In addition, the perfect year-round weather means you can play pretty much every single day. Puerto Rico has such a love affair with the game of golf that for the last 7 years the island has hosted the PR Open, the only official PGA event in the Caribbean.

Sail at Sunset
The perfect end to a perfect day in Puerto Rico includes sailing around Old San Juan at sunset. Skim past some of the most picturesque scenery you’ll ever see on an old-fashioned schooner. Though you may have walked past sights like El Morro fortress, La Fortaleza, and Paseo la Princesa, sailing past them as they become drenched in golden sunlight is something you won’t soon forget.

Make the Vacation a Lifestyle
These are only a few of the many amazing things to do in Puerto Rico, but they give you an idea of the lifestyle this island offers. If you’ve dreamt of living in a tropical paradise known for its rich history, welcoming locals and numerous outdoor activities, that dream can become a reality. And thanks to Puerto Rico’s amazing tax incentives, you can afford to live a luxurious lifestyle, and that’s absolutely priceless.

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