Things to Do in and Around Condado

If you’re planning a vacation or even thinking of moving here on a fulltime basis, you may be looking for things to do in Condado. Numerous activities, restaurants and more are just a quick click away, so keep reading to discover all that wonderful Condado and the surrounding area has to offer.

Condado is a charming and upscale oceanfront community that can boast miles of pristine sandy beaches, fine dining establishments, boutique shopping, and a vibrant nightlife. The village and the surrounding area also offer numerous activities for young and old alike. Stay at the 5 Star Vanderbilt & La Concha hotel. Send your kids to St. John’s or Robinson which are boasted as the best schools in all of Puerto Rico.

If you’re looking for things to do in and around Condado, keep reading!

Condado Beach

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One of the best Condado activities has to be doing absolutely nothing… but on a gorgeous stretch of beach. If you’d like to just have a relaxing day at the beach, Condado Beach is the best place to have it. There are beach chairs, umbrellas, delicious Spanish food and even cocktails. If cocktails aren’t your thing, there are people that walk around with fresh coconuts and you can learn to boogie board as well.

Charter a Yacht

Why not enjoy your very own private sailing excursion? It’s a great way to see the sights of Puerto Rico but without the crowds. Charter your yacht today.

Have an Aqua Adventure

There’s snorkeling and scuba diving… and then there’s ‘sea trekking.’ On this aqua adventure you wear a specialized helmet and walk on the ocean floor. Be amazed as schools of vibrantly-colored tropical fish swim by you.

Learn How to Surf

There are those people who try to avoid waves and those who try to catch them… while standing on a board. If you’ve never surfed before but always wanted to try it, there is a nearby surfing school where you can learn to catch waves like a pro.

Rent Bikes

Work off all of those extra calories by renting some bikes and riding around the island. San Juan Bike Rentals will actually come to YOU and drop the bikes off and pick them back up later. Biking is a wonderful way to see the island. Even locals who have lived here all their life often rent bikes to get to know their beautiful city better.

If you have any questions about other Condado activities or about buying Condado homes and condos, please get in touch with me.